Palm vein verification technology


This technology innovation may replace the system of finger print verification. The name of this technology is Vein Identification. This technology is one of the upcoming technologies. It is the world’s first contactless verification system. As it is contactless it gives hygienic advantage over other biometric verification technologies.


In this technology the vein pattern in palm of our hands is captured with the help of infrared rays and stored vein pattern of an individual is identified. Like finger prints everyone has its own unique veins pattern. Even the vein pattern of right and left hand of every individual is also different and it do not vary throughout the lifetime of a person.


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It is highly accurate, non-invasive and fast. It is highly secure as it works only when the blood is flowing through the veins. As veins pattern is present inside our hands, so no one can copy or steal it.  This system is protected and is not susceptible to minor trauma, cuts etc.


like other technologies this technology also has some drawbacks. There are several aspects that can effect the quality of the captured image such as nearness of vein to surface, heat radiation, humidity and body temperature.

Comparison with other verification systems:

  • Finger print technology is popular and cheapest but it is less accurate.
  • Voice recognition technology is non-invasive but least accurate.
  • Iris/retinal identification technology is very accurate but invasive, expensive and sensitive.
  • Palm vein technology is non-invasive, relatively cheap and accurate but it is unfamiliar.


Palm vein verification technology is suitable and is easy to use with high accuracy, speedy  and security level. This technology is gaining flow in the market but it is still relatively untested and expensive as compared to others because it has not yet been outletted/advertised worldwide.

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