is a platform for the bloggers from all over the world to expose themselves to blogging world. It was founded by three students of Software Engineering in 2016 in Lahore, Pakistan. This platform will provide the new bloggers opportunities to join and compete the swiftly growing blogging era. The idea was established and implemented in just three days by its founders Adil Aziz, Rehan Akmal and Umar Farooq who are the students of BS-Software Engineering in Punjab University College of Information Technology Lahore.The basic theme to develop such platform was to provide the fresh and veteran bloggers a better place to share their thinkings and knowledge to world. It is developed to provide a quality written blogs and articles to world that encircles almost every field of life. It will keep the followers updated will every type of issues and problems surrounding them and the knowledge about every field of life. It will also entertain the followers with entertainment and technology news.The founders have vision of providing trainings to the young and energetic blogger to show their talent to world. Hoping that this platform will act as hallmark to the blogging world and the founders acquire their goal by providing bloggers a better platform and people the quality blogs.


Disclaimer: This article has nothing to do with information. It is only written for historical purposes.

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