A great number of mobile phones are released in 2016, with bigger processors and bigger displays. This is specially for those who say, hey which phone should I get? This will be the platform for them to choose. We will be categorizing each phone according to its particular features and specs. So lets get started!!!

Here are couple of things I would like to mention that there are many other great phones which will be best suited for these categories, but to be more obvious we are mentioning only one in each.

Best Big Smartphone

The smartphones are kind of getting bigger and bigger every year, average phone size couple of years ago was about 3.5 inch display but now it is bigger than 4.5

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

S7 edge is a great phone and Samsung has introduced alot of Note features into this phone. It has a great camera and big high resolution display. It has great edge features and multi-tasking is simply awesome.



Best Small( Compact ) Smartphone

As trend continues of big and big smartphones, it is very hard to find compact flagship smartphones. They still exist but not that many.

Iphone 7

Iphone 7 is the best phone which Apple makes right now. And performance is noticeably excellent. It has great fast storage, has great fast camera and software is highly optimized.


Best Camera Smartphone

Among all the smartphones we can say every latest smartphone has best camera. If we rank the smartphone according to the camera than the smartphone on the 1st position and 7th position will have almost same camera with just a minor difference.

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the best in taking photos specially Google Pixel XL. They have the most hyped camera of the year. It takes great low light photos and best at noise reduction and has fantastic dynamic range.


Best Budget Smartphone

Now a days, good phones are getting cheap and cheap phones are getting good. Most of the people don’t want to spend too much on the flagship phones but yet they want the best available in the market.

Oneplus 3T

This phones comes in the best price but still it kind of look like a bit expensive to the people in Pakistan, but according to its international price and comparison to the other flagship smartphones, it is really cheap. There are also many other cheaper smartphones out there but according to performance, specs and class this is the best of them all. It has one of the fastest fingerprint sensor and battery charging.

Oneplus 3 also came out this year and also has very low price probably lower than Oneplus 3T and is offering a complete package of performance and features.


Best Battery Life

This for the heavy users who uses the phone most time of the day and cannot charge it again and again.

Motorola Moto Z Play

It has huge 3510 mAh battery. Motorola has done great work in battery life in couple of years. If you are heavy android user and want your battery to last full day, this is the best option.



Best Design

There are many best design phones released in 2016 and its hard to select one of them but the Galaxy S7 Edge is really a very pretty phone and great design. The color range it comes in has one of the best colors specially silver titanium. Specs and features of S7 edge has already explained above. Another phone which has great design is HTC 10 and we will talk about its specs and features in a bit but first check this

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Photo by Android Authority

It has the craziest design of all the smart phones out there and Xiaomi has completely done great work here. It has a huge display which speaks itself what kind of thing it is.


Best Improved

HTC 10

If we look at the last year, HTC A9 was not be able to mark a place in market and could not perform good but HTC 10 has balanced it all and earned a huge name in flagship smartphones. They have high end specs and have done great work with software experience. HTC 10 has a complete metal body and feels so much spectacular to hold.



Best of the Best

The best of year 2016 is Google Pixel XL for having best operating experience. It might not be the prettiest among all the smart phones mention above but software experience it has is above them all. It has great optimization, battery life is remarkable, and as mentioned above it has an excellent camera, home and fingerprint button are very smooth and provides easiness in multi-tasking. Google Pixel XL is a complete package.


So this is it, Mukhbar hopes that you have enjoyed it !

"If you look at the economics of Nokia, roughly half of the company, half of the business, half of how we think about the business is focused on those emerging markets and on those lower-priced devices. But, of course, people who are aspirational and buying those lower-priced devices today are looking at smart phones tomorrow, and so forth.”    

– Stephen Elop

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